Communicating Effectively With Parents

Two parents checking their emails on their living room couch

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You’ve sent six emails, three text blasts, and four handouts home, and yet the day of the event, you have Jimmy’s mom calling you to ask where the event is and how much it costs and why you aren’t providing transportation from the church to the event location. Been […]

Camp Doesn’t Always Stick, And That’s Okay

It’s camp season. Best time of the year. But as you start buying an absurd amount of pool noodles and beach balls and scour Amazon for a pineapple themed Bluetooth speaker, there’s likely a small, negative thought nagging at you in the back of your mind. If you’ve been in youth ministry for a few […]

Diversity & Inclusion In Youth Ministry

A diverse group of teenagers sitting in a circle at youth group

I’m an incredibly imperfect student pastor, and the youth ministry environments I create are imperfect, too. One of the areas of weakness I’m working on right now in my youth ministry is creating a culture of inclusivity. Students are naturally inclusive on all kinds of social issues, and a lot of that is great! But […]

Evaluating A Youth Ministry Curriculum

There are an endless supply of youth ministry curriculums on the market. How do you evaluate which one is the best fit for your ministry? Check out this podcast episode from Student Ministry Conversations to learn some best practices for evaluating and utilizing curriculum in your ministry!

Approaching Anxiety

Image depicts an anxious teenager sitting in her bed

I recently had a conversation with a teenager where I was asking them to explain a certain behavior pattern they’d been exhibiting recently. Their face went blank—almost dead-eyed—and they didn’t speak for a long time. After a painfully silent two minutes, I asked again, “What’s going on? What are you feeling that’s leading you to […]

Mentoring In Youth Ministry

youth pastor and one of his students stacking chairs together after youth group

I had the pleasure of having a conversation with Brent Aiken on the Student Ministry Conversations podcast the other day (the episode releases in a few weeks). The conversation was around evaluating curriculum in the world of youth ministry. It was a really amazing conversation, and I’d highly recommend you to add their podcast to […]

A Gospel Lens For Youth Ministry Fundraising

Image depicts a youth ministry fundraiser at church

I’m going to be honest. I hate fundraising. It’s probably my least favorite aspect of youth ministry. But I think that’s actually why my perspective on fundraising may be helpful for you—especially if you hate fundraising too. For a long time, I thought I hated fundraising because it’s a lot of work. Fundraising events are […]

Cultivating A Culture Of Worship

Man on stage with an acoustic guitar leading worship at church

When was the last time you went to a concert? If you’re me, it’s been a while. I just don’t value the experience enough for the financial and time investment required. But I can recall going to enough concerts in my lifetime to know that the energy at a good music concert is infectious. When […]

Building A Resilient Youth Ministry

Group of teenagers and adult leaders at youth group linked arm in arm

This time of year four years ago, we were just beginning to discover that what we initially thought would be a few weeks of the world shutting down was actually going to drag on for much, much longer. None of us had ever experienced anything like COVID, and the rate of innovation on how to […]

Addressing Faith Doubts In Youth Ministry

Teenager sitting on their bed feeling doubts

We’ve all been there in youth ministry where a student asks a question or poses a challenge to Christianity that we’re not totally prepared to answer off the top of the dome. That’s a hard place to be because, let’s face it, none of us likes to look stumped in front of a group of […]