We believe we’re creating some of the best youth ministry curriculum in the world. But on the off chance you purchase G Shades Curriculum and you don’t like it, reach out to us for a full refund. We’ve got you covered!



What makes G Shades a uniquely valuable curriculum option?

We’re not the only gospel centered youth ministry curriculum. We’re not the only youth ministry curriculum with video messages included. We’re not the only youth ministry curriculum that offers an annual ministry strategy including events and parent and volunteer resources. But we are the only youth ministry curriculum with ALL of those components. Between that and the way our gospel lens faith paradigm makes living out the gospel more accessible to students, we think what we’re building has a uniquely important role in the student ministry community.

Is G Shades for middle school students or high school students?

Both! You’ve discovered this already, but the beauty of the gospel is that while it never changes, your capacity to experience the fullness of it grows deeper with age and experience. Not only that, but because our curriculum is written by a mix of middle school pastors, high school pastors, and youth workers who lead a combined ministry, our team knows how to write for a broad audience. However, one of the best parts of using curriculum is that you get such a strong head start on sermon prep that there’s more time to make tweaks to perfectly fit your context.

What is G Shades’ Statement of Faith?

We believe in a holy, triune God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) who created all things and holds all things together.

We believe mankind has been made in God’s image to reflect His nature and give Him glory.

We believe that sin broke the relationship between God and man, and with it came death in numerous forms—including spiritual and physical.

We believe that Jesus, God’s Son, provided a way for mankind’s reconciliation back to God through repentance from sin and faith in His personhood and work on the cross, and it is all by God’s grace.

We believe that genuine belief in this Good News, the gospel, is transformative both in terms of our positional status in the heavenly realm as well as our experiential reality on earth.

We believe that the Bible is the divinely inspired and perfectly authoritative Word of God written by humans to point us to God’s character and plan revealed throughout redemptive history.

We believe that Jesus will return someday to restore perfection to His creation and establish His Kingdom forever.

I lead youth group at a small church. Is G Shades for me?

Yes! Everything from the hybrid lesson guides we create to the games we recommend assumes most of the churches using our resources aren’t exactly megachurches. In fact, the reason we’ve included video messages in every tier of our curriculum is because we know that it’s the smaller churches with the smaller budgets who most need high quality, engaging, diverse communicators to take the load off of their youth leaders—even if you don’t also need all of the fancy extra stuff. If you are a small church, we are for you!

Can I still start using G Shades even if I don’t subscribe until after the fall (when the scope and sequence begins)?

Absolutely! Our youth ministry curriculum is built to be adaptable and, more or less, timeless. If you purchase the curriculum well after the beginning of the suggested scope and sequence, you can begin with the curriculum resources recommended for the month you’re in, or just start from the first fall series and be “off schedule.”

How long will I have access to my curriculum in my account?

Every two Seasons of G Students curriculum, we archive older curriculum Seasons to make space for new ones. So when you purchase Season 6, that content will remain available on your account until about a month before the launch of Season 8. You can always download your curriculum contents onto your computer, though. That way you can access them forever!

What if I don’t need a full year of curriculum? Can I purchase less than that?

No problem! We know every ministry has a different rhythm, and some just need a series here or there. Head over to the G Students Shop, where you’ll find every G Shades series ever created, sold individually. Series in the Shop include video messages, message manuscripts, small group guides, and graphics.

Is there a community or network of youth pastors using G Shades where I can share ideas and experiences?

There sure is! We would love to have you join our Facebook Group and become part of our growing community of youth pastors pursuing what it looks like to cultivate gospel centered youth ministries.