Capped Series

4 weeks through Nehemiah helping students combat lies from the enemy.


Series Summary

When students can allow their mission in Christ to color the way they navigate lies from the enemy, they’ll find gospel centered purpose in that area of life. There is nothing that can stop God’s work from coming to pass, so don’t let lies from the enemy hold you back or slow you down in this season of life.

Video Messages Included

Series Gospel Lens: God’s promises are reliable.

Week 1 (Nehemiah 1 NIV)

The Point: Nothing can cap the gospel.

Week 2 (Nehemiah 4 NIV)

The Point: Critics can’t cap the gospel.

Week 3 (Nehemiah 9 NIV)

The Point: Sin can’t cap the gospel.

Week 4 (Nehemiah 13 NIV)

The Point: Weakness can’t cap the gospel.