Mine Series

3 weeks helping students dig into the deeper reasons behind their lack of generosity.


3 weeks helping students dig into the deeper reasons behind their lack of generosity. Life is like a minefield sometimes—one “wrong” step and boom! And in the aftermath of having life, relationships, and dreams blow up in our faces, many of us develop unhealthy core beliefs that lead us to shut down and shut others out. We develop a posture of “mine” in an effort to protect ourselves. But when we take a look at things through the lens of the gospel, we find a compelling reason to reject the posture of “mine” in the minefield. If we can become people who value and pursue God’s Kingdom come above all else, we’ll discover a healthier way to move on when life blows up.

Video Messages Included

Week 1 (Matthew 6:9-10 NLT)

Intro: Life is kind of like a minefield, doesn’t it? Seemingly out of nowhere sometimes, relationships, hopes, and dreams blow up in our faces. And in the aftermath, we develop a core belief that causes us to close ourselves off from the world.

Truth: When Jesus taught on prayer, He taught us to have a “Your Kingdom come” posture before God. That not only should we want God’s Kingdom to come, but we can be part of bringing it to earth. But that can’t happen if we’re closed off. That can’t happen if we have a ”mine” in the minefield attitude.

The Point: “Mine” undermines the Kingdom.

Week 2 (Matthew 26:39 NLT)

Intro: For most of us, the dumb things we do don’t feel dumb in the moment. That principle probably applies to our unhealthy core beliefs too, and that’s what makes them so hard to shake.

Truth: But when Jesus faced His own minefield moment, rather than developing a core belief that led Him to shut down, He fixed His eyes on God’s character and nature, and that led Him to put God’s Kingdom come over His own.

The Point: You bring the Kingdom down when you give your kingdom up.

Week 3 (Revelation 4:6-11 NLT)

Intro: Mature people don’t usually make mistakes if they know they’re making a mistake. That’s because once you know something, it’s difficult to unknow it.

Truth: John’s vision about God’s future Kingdom shows us something about what its inhabitants know: That it’s all His. Everything. God is worthy of all glory and honor and power because it’s all His anyway. We know that now, too. So why settle for the temporary attitude of “mine”?

The Point: The reality of your past won’t last.