Moments Series

4 weeks helping students see where and how God shows up in their lives.


4 weeks helping students see where and how God shows up in their lives. Life happens in moments. While we live every minute of every day, it’s often special key moments that change us. For one reason or another, some of us probably feel like we’re missing out on key moments with God, so this series aims to show us how God works in key experiences of life to change us!

Video Messages Included

Week 1 (John 5:1-9 NIV)

Intro: Life happens in moments, and it’s often these moments that shape us. So we should probably pay more attention to the moments we have or could have with God.

Truth: John recorded a moment when Jesus healed an invalid and changed his world forever. In one moment, 38 years of sickness was healed.

The Point: One moment with Jesus can change everything.

Week 2 (Luke 19:1-8 NLT)

Intro: Most of us know what it feels like to know there’s something wrong in us, but feel too ashamed or prideful to ask for help. It’s a normal human reaction, but it doesn’t always work out very well, does it?

Truth: Zacchaeus had much to be ashamed of in his past, but when he accepted Jesus’ invitation to step into His life, Zacchaeus experienced  forgiveness and redemption.

The Point: Jesus redeems a lifetime of wrong in a moment.

Week 3 (John 4:1-26, 39-42 NIV)

Intro: None of us like being hurt, and it feels like one moment of hurt has the ability to undo dozens of moments of joy in any given relationship. So how do we navigate life and relationships in the aftermath of painful moments?

Truth: The woman at the well knew pain and rejection. But after a difficult conversation with Jesus wherein He brought up her pain and pointed her to Himself as the answer to her most difficult questions, she experienced healing and freedom from the pain of her past.

The Point: God often works through what hurts us.

Week 4 (John 6:1-14 NIV)

Intro: Doesn’t it feel like you’re just not quite enough sometimes? That’s true in sports and academics and friendships, but it’s also true in our relationship with God.

Truth: But the reason we can have confidence that we don’t have to have it all together to experience a lifechanging moment with God is because Jesus fed thousands with a few fish and loaves, and because the gospel is a message of Jesus covering our insufficiency.

The Point: When I give what I have, a miracle can happen.