Yahweh Series

4 weeks introducing the members of the Trinity.


2 weeks on the implications of the resurrection of Jesus. We all love a good plot twist in a story or a movie, but we don’t love it so much when a plot twist happens in our own lives, do we? Plot twists can leave us feeling discouraged, helpless, and sometimes even hopeless. But, as the greatest plot twist in history, the resurrection story leads us to view our own stories differently. When we see through the lens of the gospel, we’ll have a newfound appreciation for what God might be up to when our stories are interrupted by a plot twist.

Video Messages Included


Week 1 (Luke 22:14-22 ESV)

Intro: We like plot twists in books and movies, but we don’t love it so much when plot twists happen in our own stories, do we? When things don’t turn out the way we want and expect, it can leave us feeling stuck, lost, and disappointed.

Truth: The gospel narrative surrounding Jesus’ death and resurrection shows us something important about our own stories. When things seem bleak, it’s easy to lose hope. But just as He did in Jesus’ story, God uses the awful plot twists in our story for our good, other’s redemption, and His glory. Your story isn’t over. There’s more God wants to do.

The Point: A plot twists doesn’t end the story.

Week 2 (John 20:1-20 ESV)

Intro: Sometimes life gives you unexpected moments. Those “plot twist” moments aren’t always bad, but the bad ones seem to affect us the most, don’t they?

Truth: That’s why it makes such a difference that Jesus rose from the dead! His demonstration of power over sin and death assures us that He has the power to transform the difficult and broken things in our story into something beautiful. Because of the resurrection, you’ve been offered new life, new direction, and new hope no matter what plot twists life throws your way.

The Point: The resurrection transforms my story.