Season 5 Prime Monthly



4 Weeks on Transformation

For many of us, our spiritual world feels crowded. There’s both a desire to honor God and desires that dishonor Him. And it feels like we can’t get more of the good in there until we dig out the bad ourselves. Fortunately, there’s a better path toward gospel transformation, and we see our cue toward it through not only Scripture, but God’s revelation of Himself through His creation.


4 Weeks on Connection

Jesus said that eternal life is to know God more fully. That’s our goal here on earth. But sometimes that feels really abstract to do. So in this series, we’re touching on four ways outside of reading the Bible and praying that we can connect with God practically.

3 Weeks on Generosity

Life is like a minefield sometimes—one “wrong” step and boom! And in the aftermath of having life, relationships, and dreams blow up in our faces, many of us develop unhealthy core beliefs that lead us to shut down and shut others out. But if we can become people who value and pursue God’s Kingdom come above all else, we’ll discover a healthier way to move on when life blows up.

4 Weeks on The Trinity

It’s hard connecting with the God of the universe sometimes, isn’t it? Much like the English translation of His name, Yahweh, it can be pretty tricky establishing parameters or even defining who God is. Fortunately, God has made Himself known in more ways than one. At least three, in fact. And as we explore those three distinct Persons of God, we may just discover greater pathways to connection with Him.

4 Weeks on Speech

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Except, we know as ministry leaders that words matter. They matter because the words themselves are powerful, and they matter even more depending on who says them. When we begin to see God and ourselves through a healthier lens, we’ll use our words in a way that brings life to others and glory to God.

4 Weeks on Conflict

Conflict is a lot like cliff-diving, in a way. The second you submerge under the water of conflict, you’re usually disoriented and your perception of yourself and others is off. That’s probably why we handle conflict so poorly when we’re in it. Fortunately, the gospel helps us navigate conflict in healthier and more balanced ways. And since the splash of conflict is inevitable in life, we’d be wise to embrace taking our cues toward others from God’s cues toward us in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

3 Weeks on Uncertainty

One of the most frustrating things about our earthly experience is that things don’t always go our way. That’s compounded when we have an all-powerful God who has the power, but apparently not the interest or desire, in giving us the results we want when we want them. Knowing things can go wrong probably gives a lot of us an anxious “what if…” approach to life, but over the course of this series, we’re going to see if we can’t shift to a place of confident, peace-filled “even if…” in the face of life’s uncertainties.

4 Weeks on Choices

The older we grow, the more complicated life seems to grow around us, and it can be pretty difficult to know how to navigate it all the right way as a Christian. But what if we’re going about our decision-making process the wrong way? What if, when we’re faced with BIG life choices, God is actually after something small? Something better? In this series, we’re going to look at decision-making through the lens of the gospel in the hopes that we’ll find more peace and greater confidence when we’re faced with split decisions.

4 Weeks on Failure

A popular slang term that’s developed in the past few years for “fail” is “sold.” Chances are your students have sold a whole lot over the course of their lives. That’s because failure is a normal part of life and development. But because the enemy is a jerk, students can often develop their identity from their moments of failure. Those moments can define them. And that’s not healthy. Fortunately, the gospel gives us several reasons not to define ourselves by our worst moments, and if we can see through that lens, we’ll be a lot more likely to sell well.

4 Weeks on Experiences

Life happens in moments. While we live every minute of every day, it’s often special key moments that change us. For one reason or another, some of us probably feel like we’re missing out on key moments with God, so this series aims to show us how God works in key experiences of life to change us!

4 Weeks on Mission

There’s something about the beginning period of Christianity that feels magnetic. The early church had something figured out that seems to be lacking in the version of Christianity we have today. It was a sense of mission. But what they had access to as witnesses is something we still have access to today, so if we can learn from their view of and experience of the gospel, we may just find that we begin living a far more influential and powerful version of our faith.

4 Weeks on Wisdom

There are a few things in this life that every single human is drawn toward. We all want power in some form or fashion. We all crave pleasure. We all want to make our lives count. And we all want more money. In this series, we walk through the wise words of Solomon in Ecclesiastes, which lead us to value process and pursue Jesus above all else—because everything else is ultimately meaningless.