Don’t Put Work Over Worship

It’s fall. Fall is busy. Fall is crazy. Fall is when you put in the work. Because fall is when you’ve got events and curriculum and leader trainings, and this fall will be the season where you figure out how to finally win the war against sports. And in the midst of all that we do for the One in this season, it’s so easy for us to lose sight of Him.

In the fall, we work more than we worship.

And I don’t just mean that we work more timewise. I mean that, in our good intentioned determination to be productive, work takes up exceedingly more space and energy in our heart than worship. To borrow from a popular book and relationship concept, it’s like in the fall our love language toward God always seems to shift to Acts of Service—to the neglect of Quality Time.

We work more than we worship.

 I’m not asking us to cut out productivity. I just want to remind us that we couldn’t “earn” any of this before Christ, and we certainly can’t “earn it” after Christ. So let’s make this the fall where we’re operating from a place of spiritual overflow, rather than huffing and puffing along on empty—hoping that this is the year we finally do all of the things for God.


This fall, don’t put work over worship.

These blog posts are usually longer than this. But instead of “working” by reading this youth ministry article for 5 more minutes, can I suggest you spend that 5 minutes reconnecting with the Spirit of the Living God instead?

Take thirty seconds to breathe and let go, and then soak in the lyrics of this worship song for a few minutes.

Mike Haynes is a full-time youth pastor and the creator of G Shades Youth Ministry Curriculum. Feel free to reach out to Mike anytime over email at
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