Allegiant Series

4 weeks helping students navigate political conversations and activism.


Series Summary

When students can allow their identity in Christ to color the way they navigate politics, they’ll find gospel centered transformation in that area of life. What you believe about government should influence your treatment of others less than what you believe about Jesus.

Video Messages Included

Series Gospel Lens: God’s Kingdom is greater.

Week 1 (John 18:33-36 NLT)

The Point: God’s Kingdom is greater.

Week 2 (Acts 17:1-6 ESV)

The Point: The Kingdom comes through people.

Week 3 (Romans 14:14-17 NLT)

The Point: Prioritize person over opinion.

Week 4 (2 Thessalonians 1:11-12 NLT)

The Point: Honor on earth honors God in heaven.