GP Series

4 weeks through Ephesians 3 helping students navigate the concept of privilege.


4 weeks through Ephesians 3 helping students navigate the concept of privilege. Privilege has been a huge conversation in our culture in recent years. And while many conversations have been had, not all of them have been healthy. Since your students are part of a generation that will probably move the ball forward on injustice and inequality in a big way, let’s equip them with a gospel perspective on privilege so they can navigate their own privilege and the privilege of others in a way that’s healthy.

Video Messages Included

Week 1 (Ephesians 3:1 NIV)

Intro: Privilege is something a lot of us experience in one form or another. It’s when you get to experience benefits that others don’t for reasons outside of your control.

Truth: As a Roman citizen and a Jewish Pharisee, Paul was all kinds of privileged. But in drawing Paul to Christ, God gave Paul a hefty dose of humility. And from that point on, instead of a self-focused, self-elevating, exclusive faith, Paul considered himself a prisoner of Christ Jesus for the sake of the Gentiles. So I don’t know what your privilege is, but I do know that there’s a chance it’s getting in the way of making you better and making you better to the people around you.

The Point: Acknowledging your privilege requires humility

Week 2 (Ephesians 3:2-6 NIV)

Intro: Good is bad if it keeps you from the best.

Truth: That’s probably why Paul took the step to fully embrace his gospel privilege before sharing it with the Gentiles. See, as Christians, we are heirs to the throne. We are upper class in heaven and highly loved on earth. We are privileged. And, just like Paul, we all have lesser privileges that have defined us in the past that we need to push to the side so that the greater privilege of being in Christ can define us and shape us and influence the way we live.

The Point: You are a dearly beloved child of God and heir to the throne

Week 3 (Ephesians 3:7-9 NIV)

Intro: Privilege isn’t evil. It’s what we do with it that counts.

Truth: So what did Paul do with his newfound gospel privilege? He became a servant to it. He gave his life to helping Gentiles experience the same gospel privilege he had been able to enjoy. Whether it’s social privilege, economic privilege, or spiritual privilege, a gospel response to our privilege isn’t just to acknowledge and embrace it, it’s also to dedicate time and energy to helping others experience the benefits of the same privilege we’ve enjoyed.

The Point: Help others experience what you’ve taken for granted

Week 4 (Ephesians 3:12 NLT)

Intro: The world is so broken and messed up, sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel unable to make a difference.

Truth: That’s why it’s so incredibly helpful to remember that we are heirs to the throne. We may not be able to change the world by ourselves, but we can boldly burst into the throne room of God whenever we want and ask Him for the things we want. So whatever change you want to see? Ask the King. And whatever change you want to be? Ask the King. It’s all part of your gospel privilege.

The Point: Pray for the change you want to be and see