This Is The Way Series

4 weeks helping students gain a grasp on the covenant system.


4 weeks helping students gain a grasp on the covenant system. In this series, you’ll help your students learn the difference it would make in their life if they put off the ways of the Old Covenant and put on The Way of the New.

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Week 1

Intro: Just as The Mandalorian follows “The Way”, we also have a “Way” to follow as Christians. Unfortunately, The Way is unclear for many of us because we don’t quite understand the covenants system.

Truth: In Exodus 19:5-8, God established the Old Covenant (aka The Grey) with His people—predicated on their obedience to the rules.

Descent: The Old Covenant may seem a little rough to us, but it was perfect as an orientation to God’s people of God’s character, the seriousness of sin, and the need for a Savior.

The Point: The Grey paved the way for The Way

Week 2

Intro: If you don’t have a clear understanding of the covenants, you may wind up saying or doing well-intentioned but hurtful things that push someone away from Jesus. That’s why this matters.

Truth: When Jesus introduced the New Covenant to His disciples (Luke 22:7, 19-20), He did so in a way that should’ve been extremely offensive to them. By declaring Himself the new object of the Passover celebration, Jesus made a clear statement that things were changing.

Descent: Just like our way of life when the pandemic hit, “New” did not mean “new in addition to”. It meant “new in place of”.

The Point: New is not new in addition to

Week 3

Intro: When building something with Legos, it’s easy to make many small, barely noticeable mistakes along the way until eventually, the structure looks nothing like its original designer intended. That’s exactly what has happened with the word “love”.

Truth: Fortunately, Jesus made it very clear in John 13:34 what it means to love when He laid down our one new commandment in the New Covenant.

Descent: Take your cue for how to see, speak to, and treat others from how Jesus has seen, spoken to, and treated you in the context of the gospel.

The Point: Do for others what Jesus has done for you

Week 4

Intro: Like Lightning McQueen in Cars 3, many of us need to learn to throw of the Old if we want to thrive in the New.

Truth: When you see through the lens of the Old Covenant, you’ll be motivated through fear. But a New Covenant lens motivates through freedom (1 John 4:18b-19). Old Covenant thinking is about avoiding doing the bad things you really want to do. New Covenant thinking is about looking more and more like Jesus (Ephesians 4:22-24). An Old Covenant lens values superiority. A New Covenant lens values sacrificial love (Ephesians 2:2-4).

Descent: A New Covenant lens will change you.

The Point: The Way will make you way different because you’ll weigh things differently.