One Series

4 weeks exhorting students to value and embrace biblical community.


4 weeks exhorting students to value and embrace biblical community. In this series, you’ll help your students see unity through the lens of the gospel. Jesus prayed for us. And when He did, He prayed that we would be one. And when we take Jesus’ hope for us seriously, we’ll discover that that’s how we move the Kingdom forward and contribute to something greater than ourselves.

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Week 1

Intro: If you want your faith to contribute to building something greater than yourself, this series is for you.

Truth: John records in John 17:20-23 that just hours before dying on the cross, Jesus prayed for you. He prayed that you would be unified with the other believers in your life. That’s how the Kingdom is built.

The Point: The One we pray to prayed that we would be one

Week 2

Intro: Sometimes we have petty reasons for not getting along with each other. Fortunately, though, the gospel shows us a path toward unity.

Truth: When Jesus said in Mark 12:28-34 that the most important commandment is to love God, His Jewish audience understood that “love God” means to pursue Him and learn to value what He values. And that will inevitably lead you to who He values.

The Point: The more I love Jesus, the more I will love who Jesus loves.

Week 3

Intro: Like Lego Batman did, many of us need to learn that some missions can’t be accomplished while operating as a lone wolf.

Truth: In fact, John 14:25-26 makes it clear that God that Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit had to rely on one another in order to accomplish the gospel mission. God leaned into His community to accomplish His mission. And one of the last things on Jesus’ heart before He went to the cross was that we would lean into ours to accomplish our mission of furthering the Kingdom through unity.

The Point: Unity is found in community

Week 4

Intro: In tense moments, it’s natural for it to feel like the drama is worth it. It certainly feels worth it to wedding trashers—people who let their drama create awkward moments on someone else’s wedding day.

Truth: Matthew recorded in Matthew 9:14 that Jesus considers His people to be His bride. And Revelation 21:1-2 is clear that someday, Jesus will return for His Bride, the Church. So if our lives on earth are preparation for the greatest wedding celebration of all time, then the drama isn’t worth it. We have better things to focus on, and more to rejoice in together than fight about together.

The Point: When the Groom returns, He wants His Bride unified.