Pressed Series

4 weeks plus a discipleship event helping students navigate peer pressure.


Series Summary

When students can allow their identity in Christ to color the way they navigate peer pressure, they’ll find gospel centered transformation in that area of life. When we value the process of following Jesus well over the results of what may happen when we do, we’ll handle peer pressure well.

Video Messages Included

Series Gospel Lens: God is process-oriented in His approach toward us in Christ.

Week 1 (Daniel 3:10-25 NIV)

The Point: Walk with God in the process of pressure-filled moments.

Week 2 (Daniel 6:7-24 NIV)

The Point: We can talk to God even when we feel pressed to stop.

Week 3 (Matthew 4:1-11 NIV)

The Point: Knowing God’s Word aligns us with God’s heart.

Week 4 (Luke 22:55-60 NIV)

The Point: Failure under pressure isn’t final.

Discipleship Event: Interactive response time event.