We’ve Got Spirit Series

4 weeks helping students navigate the back to school season.


4 weeks helping students navigate the back to school season. When your students see back to school through the lens of the gospel, their weaknesses will make them stronger, they’ll bring their hot mess before the throne, and they’ll contribute to the common good.

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Week 1

Intro: For a whole lot of reasons, back to school season is hard. But we don’t have to navigate is alone.

Truth: We see in John 14:15-17a that when Jesus left, He promised His followers He’d send the Holy Spirit to help us!

Descent: Whatever it is you’re going to face this fall, know that the Holy Spirit is with you.

The Point: The God who died for you abides in you.

Week 2

Intro: Despite our lofty goals and hopes, the back to school season tends to expose our weaknesses.

Truth: In 2 Corinthians 12:7b-10, Paul explains that, in Christ, the exposure of your weaknesses leads to strength rather than shame.

Descent: So I know you want to reach your goals this fall. But sometimes you’ll fail. And when you do, you need to remember that the Holy Spirit’s strength shines brighter in your weakness.

The Point: Your weaknesses will make you stronger.

Week 3

Intro: In the midst of navigating our most complex problems, many of us keep to ourselves rather than bringing God in.

Truth: But Paul sets us at ease in Romans 8:26-27 when he shares that the Holy Spirit communicates with God on our behalf better than we ever could.

Descent: So you don’t have to have your answers figured out before you approach God in prayer. Even when you don’t know what to pray for, the Holy Spirit is there.

The Point: You’ll bring your hot mess to the throne.

Week 4

Intro: To at least some degree, isolation and anxiety have become a regular, albeit destructive, part of the back to school season. Fortunately, the Holy Spirit’s role is also to connect us to one another.

Truth: In 1 Corinthians 12:7-10, Paul shares how the Holy Spirit gives us gifts meant for “the common good.”

Descent: So whether your step is to use your gifts to benefit others or to prioritize biblical community where you can benefit from others, you don’t have to live in isolation.

The Point: You’ll contribute to the common good.